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Sealer Information

  1. Use a professional spray system for optimum sealing results.A professional spray system is by far the optimum method of application.  Other choices would be the use of a Chapin Sprayer (higher quality metal sprayer with solvent resistant ⠲ings), and lambs wool applicators.  Airless sprayers operate by pressure or piston. Chapin sprayers operate by compressed air wherein maintaining steady pressure is vital to a quality finish.

  2. Rollers should seldom be used as there are many problematic issues involved.
    A.  Very easy to leave excess volume.
    B.  Products dry quickly, therefore a texture will likely result.
    C.  A roller may very likely break the sealer bond from the concrete.

  3. Watch for these problems when using sprayers:
    A.  Sprayers that are multi-purpose in use (rental sprayers) generally have some liquid left in the bottom of the sprayer
         (water). This will cause blushing, whitening, or textured finishes.
    B.  Spray tips that are clogged will cause non-uniform spray patterns that leave the surface uneven or dull.
    C.  The force of the spray, particularly the steady pressure in the 衰in㰲ayer is key to keeping the coat uniform.

  4. Spray tips are commonly called 奭jet䩰s.  The two most commonly used tips are the 1300th and 1500th. On the tip you will normally see three digits  (513).  The 13 stands for 1300th and the 5 times 2 stands for a 10桮 of spray.  615 would stand for a 1500th tip with the 6 times 2 equaling a 12桮 of spray.

  5. Temperature, moisture, and humidity will have a tremendous impact upon the quality of finish when applying sealers to concrete.  Sealers should generally not be applied when it is extremely hot, temperatures are below 50, or when moisture is present.

  6. There are three primary issues involved concerning the quality of a sealed floor.
    They are:
    A.  Slab porosity.
    B.  Type of applicator.
    C.  Experience of the applicator.

  7. The primary mistake made by persons applying sealers is that they put on too much volume at any one time.  This may be caused by several factors:
    A.  Wrong spray tip.
    B.  Too thick of a coat (or volume).
    C.  Too much over lap in spraying pattern.

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