Kemiko Stain For Concrete - Stain for Concrete - Leonard, TX

since 1930

concrete acid stain, personalized for you.



Scoring with Kemiko Acid StainScoring creates the look of greater elegance by transforming concrete into the appearance of tile, marble or stone. In new construction, it is generally best to score 3-4 days after pour as it is easier on the equipment and there are no obstructions. However, scoring can be done at any time.

The optimum depth of score is 1/16"  but no deeper than 1/8". This is easily achieved by the use of a circular saw with a diamond/metal composite, segmented blade, carpenter lead pencil for marking, and a 2"x6" straight edge.

For professional, more sophisticated scoring equipment, visit Engrave-A-Crete's website at

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