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Kemiko Stain For Concrete - Stain for Concrete - Reno, TX

since 1930

concrete acid stain, personalized for you.


Cleaning Products

Revised July 2007


Neutra Clean: Manufactured for Kemiko and recommended for use during ‘STEP 1’ (above) in preparing concrete substrates for staining, by removing deleterious matter such as grime, soil, wall plaster and other construction related residue. Neutra Clean is also recommended for neutralizing and removing stain residue during ‘STEP 3’ (above) prior to waxing and/or sealing.   903-587-3708.

Note: A new or old surface that is being prepared for staining may have any number of ‘known’ or ‘unknown’ contaminants. Preparing the concrete for staining may then become somewhat of a “trial and error” proposition as there are many products on the market that claim to do certain things. The following compilation of stripping and emulsifying products may be of assistance in removing those difficult contaminants, however, every customer must check into products to be used as to their capabilities, whether they can be used in the customer’s geographical area, and whether the use of the product is compatible with the stain and the coatings to be used. Kemiko Concrete Products is aware that the following products have been successfully used by laypersons and professional floor applicators, but Kemiko does not endorse the outcome of the products listed below.


Easy Strip: Manufactured for Kemiko and recommended for the use during ‘Step 6’ (above) for removal of Kemiko Easy Shine and Kemiko Stone Tone waxes.   903-587-3708.

Tuff Job: Manufactured by BIX- removes paint (Flammable)  1-800-251-1098

Castrol Super Clean: Manufactured by Castrol North America Auto- removes oil, wax, tar and dirt. 1-800-227-8765

Dad’s Easy Spray: Manufactured by Sansher Corporation- removes paint, varnish, and surface coatings.  (local distributor)  1-260-484-2000

Orange Blossom: Supplied by Parish Maintenance Supply- Removes mastic, odors, and also a degreaser. (Flammable)  1-800-836-0862

Citrus Peel: Manufactured by Dayton Superior Chemical Division- heavy duty concrete stripper and degreaser. (Flammable)

Dorado-Strip: Industrial paint and coating strippers.  1-800-531-1088

Orange Peel: Manufactured by Conspec- Biodegradable and may assist in removal of curing agents, sealing compounds and adhesives.
Dallas 214-631-6699 or 877-416-3439 / Manufacturer 1-800-348-7351

Urine-Off: Manufactured by Bio-Pro Research, LLC- removes all types of urine stains.  1-877-874-6363

Sealer and Adhesive Remover: Manufactured by Aqua Mix- Non flammable multi-purpose stripper.  1-800-366-6877

Sentinel 626: Manufactured by Sentinel- removes carpet adhesive.  1-888-sentinel

Zep Products: Used to remove stains and adhesives (oil). May be found at Home Depots & Lowe’s.  1-877 I Buy Zep

Bean* E*doo: Manufactured by Franmar Chemical- removes Mastic, polymers, top coating, coal tars, dressings, and sealers.  1-800-538-5069

Emerge: Manufactured by Franmar Chemical- All purpose cleaner. Cleans oil, grease, dirt, and grime.  1-800-538-5069

Ickee Stickee Unstuck: Manufactured by Franmar Chemical- removes graffiti, adhesives, glues, permanent marker, tape residue, crayon, gum, and grease.  1-800-538-5069

Soy*Gel: Manufactured by Franmar Chemical- safely removes lead based paint  1-800-538-5069

Pumice Stone: Removes rust

Stand Off Poultice Powder: Oil and grease remover, manufactured by PROSOCO,  1-800-255-4255

Stand Off For Oil and Grease: Oil and grease stain remover, manufactured by PROSOCO  1-800-255-4255

Paver Kare: Tire Mark Remover, manufactured by PROSOCO,  1-800-255-4255

Enviro Klean: Saf Etch, mortar, grout, and job dirt remover, manufactured by PROSOCO  1-800-255-4255


Caution: Flammable

Lacquer Thinner: Used for removing wood stains, Paint, Adhesives and our sealers.

Acetone: Cleans glue and paint (May not work on many sealers).

Denatured Alcohol: Removes “Kilz Prime”

Goof Off/ Goo Off: Manufactured by Valspar Products- Xylene Type Products: will help in removing glue and paint. May be found at local hardware stores such as Home Depot. (Flammable) 

Methylene Chloride: A good Epoxy emulsifier. Effective in removing our new sealers. If using this product, you must wash the floor thoroughly before acid staining. (Note: If floor is acid stained do not use this product, it may remove the color from the floor.)

Methyl Ethyl Ketone (M.E.K): Cleans glue and paint. (May not work on many sealers)

Mineral Spirits: Used for removing paints and adhesives.

Paint Thinner: Used for removing paints and adhesives

Note: Be advised when using petroleum strippers and cleaners that they must be used according to state and local regulations as they may violate V.O.C. (Volatile Organic Compound) regulations and /or may be highly flammable and dangerous if not properly used.

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