Kemiko Stain For Concrete - Stain for Concrete - Leonard, TX

since 1930

concrete acid stain, personalized for you.

Your beautiful bedroom personalized with Kemiko Acid Stain.

Kemiko Concrete Acid Stain

There is no better way to personalize your project than with permanent color stains that change ordinary concrete into elegant flooring giving the appearance of marble or polished stone!

The green Kemiko product line is eco-friendly, economical, and easy to apply. Concrete stained with Kemiko Acid Stain or Rembrandt Polymer becomes extraordinary;  a beautiful, durable, and long lasting sustainable surface.

  • Allergen Free!
  • Mold Free!
  • Virtually Maintenance Free!
  • Environmentally Friendly!

Browse through our Photo Gallery to enjoy the beauty of Kemiko acid stain and contact our office at 903-587-3708  to explore how we can personalize your individual experience from start to finish.  Our concrete stains, concrete sealants, and concrete waxes coupled with over 40 years of experience and product knowledge offer you endless possibilities!

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